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Shedding team Histronics for Incomparable Transformation
Teaching and Training

Have you ever wondered why some people just don’t get you? Or ever thought “I cannot even begin to know what my boss needs—even when I ask her, I still don’t know.”

Most of us have felt that way at one time or another! The good news is there’s a simple tool designed to help you understand yourself AND other people too. Everything DiSC® helps you build more effective working relationships based on an understanding of different behavioral styles.

Connecting Humans and Planning Unmeetings

Imagine attending a meeting and when you left you realized it was a GREAT meeting.  You accomplished a lot and have a new understanding of the material that was discussed?  A meeting where everyone is heard, and all the voices are welcomed?

Pam has studied several methods to be certain these results are the rule, not the exception.  Her ability to draw everyone into a conversation, whether it’s for strategic planning, design thinking, or problem solving is amazing. 

She is Certified in: LEGO® Serious Play, Art of Hosting Trainer/Facilitator, and Graphic Harvesting.  These progressive tools help turn your meetings into fun, productive events.  Your attendees will leave wishing all your meetings were like this.


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Developing Leaders and Teams

If you wanted to improve your golf game what would you do?  Hire a coach!  The coach would help you understand what's working and what isn't. You would understand what you do well and work on improving it. Operating from your strengths, whether during your golf game or your life is not always apparent.  A Strengths based coach is trained to do just that for you.


This is the same thing a life or business coach does for you.  This is a trained and trusted person who asks the right questions to help you get on your best game.  It’s a give and take relationship with the end goal of self-knowledge and improvement.  Coaching is a process allowing individuals and teams to dig into their best talents.  The process is revealing and always focused on building individual strengths that already exist.

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What's up?

Casting Vision was founded in 2011 by Pamela Enz.  Pam fell in love with great teams as the CEO and Production Manager of Tangible Space, a full-service interior design company.  They specialized in large scale building projects, partnering with some of the best clients and construction companies in the United States.  Their projects involved studying how businesses and families operated with the objective to design spaces for peak performance and satisfaction.  After 25 years of this work Pam repeatedly saw the best outcomes were always the result of teams who worked harmoniously.

Pam knows that everyone works on teams and deserves to love them as much as she does. The work of Casting Vision reflects everything Pam has learned about high performing teams and how it can be replicated in businesses today.


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Casting Vision

Pamela Enz, MAOL, SSCC


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