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Some Clients, Some Testimonials, Some Stories

This is a small collection of clients we have worked along side.  We always feel like we are working alongside our clients.  It's just how we roll.  

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"I would like to recommend the outstanding work of facilitator, Pamela Enz.  For the past three years, Pamela has assisted my organization with our Strategic Planning Process.  Using techniques and processes from the Art of Participatory Leadership, Pamela Has lead our tem of volunteers through some great discussions, ultimately providing us with a plan for the coming year........."

University of Minnesota

Master Gardener Program Coordinator

"Every so often a leader appears on your radar who leads without words.  A person of such integrity, such authenticity, and such a deep belief in others, in their capability, in their unseen potential, that you just can't help but admire, appreciate, and try to emulate.  Pam is such a leader.  She is not just book-smart, she is street-smart.  .......  if you get the benefit of working with Pam, you will see how she draws people together so they want to collaborate.  You will watch a master build a sense of community where trust is the lifeblood, and transparency is as natural as breathing......."

International Keynote Speaker

Top 100 Global Coaching Leader

Author and CEO of Global Company

Drawing Samples

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