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Humans Connecting and Planning Unmeetings

LEGO® Serious Play

Attending a  LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshop is a structured process that brings out deep thinking, and complex ideas all while the participants are playing!  Yes, Lego Blocks are the tool!  

The methods are backed by research and used by non-profits and Fortune 500 Companies alike because the methods invite all participants in the room to be part of the conversation and discovery.  

World Cafe

World Cafe is a process where the focus is on discovering who in the room has the knowledge that is needed to move forward.  It is based on putting the role of conversation ahead of the role of management.  Understanding that the people in the room are often with ones with the best solutions to problems, this method explicitly draws the best ideas to the surface.  

Pam has used this method in groups of 8 to 200!  She has used it in her collegiate classrooms as well as online meetings.  

Unmeeting practices

There are several different methodologies that fall under this practice.  Watch this space for updates!

strategic planning.jpg
Strategic Planning

Whether you are a solopreneur, a non-profit, or a large corporation, a plan will help you understand what your needs are today so you can move ahead in the future.  Pam has been doing Strategic Planning since 1995 with many different organizations. She custom designs your planning session with you from start to finish.  She will also meet with you to bring the plan to life.  

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