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What's Up?

Casting Vision was started in 2011 by Pamela Enz.  Pam fell in love with great teams as the CEO and Production Manager of Tangible Space, a full-service interior design company.  They specialized in large scale building projects, partnering with some of the best clients and construction companies in the United States.  Their projects involved studying how businesses and families operated with the objective to design spaces for peak performance and satisfaction.  After 25 years of this work Pam repeatedly saw the best outcomes were always the result of teams who worked harmoniously.

Pam Enz realizes that everyone works on teams and deserves to love them as much as she does. The work of Casting Vision reflects everything Pam has learned about high performing teams and how it can be replicated in businesses today.


After operating Tangible Space, Inc. for over 25 years Pam returned to graduate school to research how to repeat the team excellence she enjoyed on construction job sites to other businesses.  She launched Casting Vision with a dream that all team members can learn to love the work they get to do with others.  

Pamela Enz, MAOL, SSCC
Chief Vision Officer

Recommended Collaborators

Frank Teravich.jpg
Frank Teravich

Inspired Results - Toronto

Frank is the founder of Insprired Results and a fellow partner in the work of improving workplace experiences and results.  A meeting with Frank is an education in how wonderful the world is.  When working in Canada he is our guidepost!

marie-Genevieve Pawlak.jpg

Marie-Genevieve Pawlak

Planning 101 - Chicago

Marie became a collaborator when she sat next to Pam at a conference.  We had to work together to learn the material and she became a constant collaborator.  We are developing a workshop to elevate leaders to a new level - stay tuned!

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